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  1. 2017 Sierra 2500 Double Cab Audio, Kicker Amp & Sub System, IOB RAD
    Manufacture: Genuine GM

    Price:   $847.20MSRP: $1,059.00

    Deliver thrill and musical accuracy of live-concert experiences, minus the crowds with an upgraded Audio System-Subwoofer. This system adds big-bass subwoofers in a small space, along with high-efficiency, low power-draw amplifiers. FOR IOB RADIO

    - Adds big-bass subwoofer in a small space, along with high- efficiency, low power-draw amplifiers and a unique sound signature from the multichannel 32-bit DSP amp

    - 200-watt powered Kicker subwoofer with quick-connect wire harness to easily secure or remove when needing more cargo room

    - Combined kit “kicks out” 400 watts of power

    - Plug and play – no wire cutting or vehicle modifications

    - Cosmetically integrated for original factory look

    - Minimally impacts vehicle’s charging system

    Sierra 2500 Audio Upgrade, Kicker Powered Amp and Subwoofer Kit, DOUBLE CAB ONLY (NOT compatible with BOSE, Harman Kardon, Boston Acoustics, Pioneer or ANY other GM upgraded premium sound system). FOR IOB RADIO - RPO CODE: IOB, X88, Z88

    NOT FOR RPO - UQA - SPEAKER SYSTEM PREMIUM AUDIO BRANDED WITH AMPLIFIER, equipped with the BOSE, Harmon Kardon, Boston Acoustics, Pioneer or any other GM upgraded premium sound systems. Not compatible on vehicles equipped with pedal extenders. FOR IOB RADIO

    Electronics (Navigation Radios, Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors, 2-Way Advanced Remote Systems, etc.) that have been opened (broken seal or package) CANNOT be returned.