2016 Camaro Windscreen, Convertible

2016 Camaro Windscreen, Convertible

Highly recommended.

The G/F and I had rented a Camaro convertible during a recent trip to FL, including a fully top-down drive between Miami International and Key West. With the windows up, the wind swirl was really not too bad, even at highway speeds. With the windows down, naturally it was more intrusive above ~35MPH.

Fast-forward a month or two, and I finally purchased the lightly-used SS convertible I had been watching for months. Soon afterwards ordered the wind blocker from ShopChevyParts, and received it in just a few days, even only using standard shipping (bravo!) Installed it -- piece of cake -- took G/F for a ride.

SHE: "You think this thing works?"
ME: "Yeah, I think so."
SHE: "Well, it *definitely* works, because my hair isn't even blowing forward anymore [as when down in FL -- Ed.]."

The G/F likes it. SCORE!

And here's the cool thing: if you leave it up, even with all the windows down, it still has a noticeable effect on minimizing wind swirl. I haven't taken it out, or even lowered it once since I put it in. And no problem at all seeing cars in the rear-view at night; it even acts as a bit of a headlight dimmer.

Again, highly recommended. FWIW, even *Chevy dealers* claim they "can't get them" for less than $500+. Do yourself a favor and buy one!

Reviewed By : Henry Cadra, Saturday February 19, 2022
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