2017 Sierra 3500 Three Trailering Camera System Package for MYLINK

2017 Sierra 3500 Three Trailering Camera System Package for MYLINK

This system is pretty great. I have only a few comments.

One I wish chrome caps were offered as an option, but the black looks fine with the chrome mirrors.

Two the black caps are very slightly off color for the other black on the mirrors not so much that it's very noticible though.

Three the cable for the wireless transmitter could really need to be about 10 inches longer. Start by installing transmitter and running cable forward. Do not leave slack anywhere along the way.

Four the video unit is a tight fit so slow and steady there.

Five one one my blind spot cameras seem to be pointing at a slightly diff angle than the other so I'll have to call echomaster to ask about that.

The cabling is very good oem quality. The interface is easy to understand and looks good. I'm glad you can turn on/off the turn signal auto switching. I'm also happy the cameras are available while traveling forward so I can use them to know it's safe to merge.

I wish the one transmitter could learn more than one wireless camera to support other trailers I tow. Since I've used all four camera inputs I'll have to sync the transmitter and other cameras each time to make it work. I could mount both transmitters and create a 'Y' adapter with a switch, but I'd rather the one transmitter just handle more than one camera out of the box. If you have not used all four camera inputs you can just wire both transmitters and it would be fine also. Of course a third wireless camera gets us into a whole other ball game.

It may seem like all negative, but I'm pretty much knitpicking as the system is pretty amazing. I do highly recommend the system. Have I said it's amazing yet? No? Well it's amazing!

Reviewed By : Jeremy Tingler, Wednesday June 21, 2017
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