2024 Trax | Cargo Area Security Shade | Black

  • Part Number: 42846539

Conceal your possessions in the cargo area of you Trax from the sun and prying eyes with this Cargo Security Shade from Chevrolet. This Genuine Chevrolet Accessories Cargo Area Security Shade mounts behind the second-row seat and is designed to extend rearward above the cargo area when in use. Designed to be easily be removed when needed. The rounded side of the cargo shade faces outward, towards the lift gate, to match the shape and maximize concealment.

  • Designed and Engineered by Chevrolet
  • Genuine Chevrolet Accessories provide Factory Fit, Finish and Function
  • Helps hide possessions in cargo area, "Out of sight, out of mind"
  • Adds an additional layer of protection from the sun
  • Removable for easy cargo access
  • Replaces 42844942
  • REQUIRES 2024+ model
  • EXCLUDES 2022 and prior year models

Trax | Cargo Area Security Shade | Black

$240.00 $182.40