2022 Traverse Wireless Headphone | 2 Channel | Infrared | Rear Seat Entertainment | Single

Offer the ultimate in sound entertainment with noise canceling wireless Infrared (IR) headphones from Chevrolet. Genuine Chevrolet Wireless Infrared (IR) Headphones are designed for Dual Video Headrest Systems to help lessen road and engine noise while providing a movie or concert-like listening experience for each passenger. This single headphone is a competitively priced solution for anyone requiring additional or replacement headphone that are co-branded with KOSS and carry a Lifetime Limited Warranty. The single infrared (IR) analog wireless headphone includes a power control, Channel switch (1 or 2), batteries and a volume control. See your MyLink Infotainment Manual (Page 45, Headphones) for detailed operating instructions. This single Chevrolet Accessories Wireless Headphone transmits with an Infrared (IR) Analog signal and is designed for Models with Rear Seat Infotainment System (Dual Video Headrest System). The headphones will NOT work on Overhead DVD players or Aftermarket systems. Please note the Electronics section of the Returns Policy when purchasing this item.

  • Designed and Engineered by Chevrolet
  • Genuine Chevrolet Accessories provide Factory Fit, Finish and Function
  • Single infrared (IR) analog wireless headphone with batteries
  • ONLY for use on Models with Dual Video Headrest systems
  • NOT for use on Models with Overhead Rear Seat Entertainment systems or Aftermarket systems

Traverse Wireless Headphone | 2 Channel | Infrared (IR) | Rear Seat Entertainment | Single

This product and other Electrical Accessories (Navigation Radios, Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors, Remote Start Systems, Rear Seat Entertainment, etc.) including products which include an authorization code for a Vehicle Configuration Index (VCI) or Vehicle Emissions Control Information (VECI) Label CANNOT be returned once the box has been opened (including cut box, broken seal or package tape).
  • Part Number: 23445945
  • Brand: Genuine GM

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Price Valid Till: 07-31-2024