2023 C8 Corvette Z06 | Battery Charger | Protection | 110V | Crossed Flags Logo | Storage Pouch

Keep your C8 Corvette Z06 12-volt battery in peak condition with this Battery Charger (110-volt) and storage pouch from Chevrolet. This Genuine Chevrolet Accessories Battery Tender (Charger and Conditioner) with Type A (110v) outlet plug features the Crossed Flags Logo on the charger and storage case. Whether your Corvette is a daily driver, a weekend warrior or in winter storage, this Battery Conditioner provides the battery protection you need to keep your battery charged. Easy to use as the charger includes two connectors, a specialize "cigarette style" plug and a pair of alligator clips/clamps. This battery tender was designed and engineered by Chevrolet specifically for your C8 Corvette. This factory option (5WF) battery conditioner includes the Type A (110v) plug, user manual and pouch with Crossed Flags Logo for easy storage when not in use. This trickle charger helps condition and maintain proper battery charge for reliable starts after being in storage or parked for extended periods of time. This battery charger/conditioner is not designed to be used as battery jump starter. Requires 110-v Type A outlet standard in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

  • Designed and Engineered by Chevrolet
  • Genuine Chevrolet Accessories provide Factory Fit, Finish and Function
  • Helps keep your C8 Corvette Battery in Peak Condition
  • Includes two connectors, a specialize "cigarette style" plug and dual alligator clips/clamps
  • Great for Winter Storage and Extended Time between Driving
  • Factory option 5WF, Battery Conditioner with Crossed Flags Logo
  • Replaces 85132786
  • Includes battery charger (110-v plug) with Crossed Flags Logo, two battery connectors, storage case and user manual
  • REQUIRES 110-v Type A, standard outlet in the USA, Canada and Mexico
  • NOT designed for use with 220-v Type C outlets in Europe, South America and Asia

C8 Corvette Z06 | Battery Charger | Protection | 110V | Crossed Flags Logo | Storage Pouch

This product and other Electrical Accessories (Navigation Radios, Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors, Remote Start Systems, Rear Seat Entertainment, etc.) including products which include an authorization code for a Vehicle Configuration Index (VCI) or Vehicle Emissions Control Information (VECI) Label CANNOT be returned once the box has been opened (including cut box, broken seal or package tape).
  • Part Number: 85530676
  • Brand: Genuine GM

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Price Valid Till: 07-31-2024