2023 Malibu | Wheel Lug Nut Set | Stainless Steel | Set of 20 | Visible Lug Nuts

Enhance your Malibu exterior with Stainless Steel Wheel Lug Nuts from Chevrolet. This set of twenty Genuine Chevrolet Accessories Lug Nuts are specifically designed for your Malibu and designed for wheels with exposed lug nuts and feature stainless steel covers for rust and corrosion resistance. These lug nuts are a direct replacement for your factory lug nuts on wheels with exposed lugs, without a need to retain a wheel cap or cover. Stainless Steel lug nuts may be to long for use on wheels that utilize a center cap that covers and conceals the lug nuts. Genuine Chevrolet Accessories lug nuts are a recommended upgrade or Direct Factory Replacement for damaged or lost lug nuts. Always consider safety first when purchasing wheel components and your first choice should be the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

  • Designed and Engineered by Chevrolet
  • Genuine Chevrolet Accessories provide Factory Fit, Finish and Function
  • Set of 20 Stainless Steel Lugnuts
  • Stainless Steel covers provide rust and corrosion resistance
  • Precise bearing surfaces provide even clamp load and uniform seating
  • Recommended upgrade or Direct Factory Replacement
  • Safety first with Genuine Chevrolet Accessories
  • REQUIRES wheels with exposed lugs
  • REQUIRES Chevrolet Production or Accessories Wheels, not designed for aftermarket wheels

Malibu | Wheel Lug Nut Set | Stainless Steel | Set of 20 | Visible Lug Nuts

  • Before purchasing and installing a wheel lug nut, make sure it is the correct size and fit for your vehicle.
  • Hand tools, not an impact gun, should be used to apply and remove lug nuts and other fasteners - use of an impact gun can lead to uneven or overtightened fasteners, which can distort your vehicle's brake rotors or damage your wheels. It can also damage or remove the finish on your fasteners.
  • Each fastener applied should be tightened to the installation torque recommended in your vehicle owner's manual.
  • Do not use oil or grease on wheel bolts or nuts - grease can cause wheel nuts to loosen and put your wheel at risk of coming off while in use.
  • Corrosion and dirt on wheel components can prevent wheel nuts from seating properly. Check your wheel, fasteners, and fastening surfaces for corrosion and debris, and remove rust and dirt as needed.
  • Wheel lug nuts and locking lug nuts are critical fasteners and should be re-torqued after the first 25 miles of driving once they have been applied.
  • Part Number: 19332926
  • Brand: Genuine GM

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