2024 Trax | Cargo Area Floor Liner | Black | Integrated | All-Weather | Chevrolet Logo

Maximize the cargo protection of your All-New Trax with this Black All-Weather Cargo Liner from Chevrolet. The Genuine Chevrolet Accessories Premium Cargo Liner is designed to integrate into the cargo area when the rear seats are up-right or down. Featuring the Chevrolet Script Logo, this single piece liner mounts to the back of the rear seat and articulates with the 60/40 split-folding seat. It does NOT need to be removed from the vehicle when carrying passengers in the back seat. This factory option (CAV) cargo liner provides enhanced protection when carrying items of various sizes and helps contain spills. Heavy-duty, non-skid surface minimizes the movement of objects and is easy to clean. Pre-cut openings enable use of factory pull harnesses for normal seat back movement. Additional openings allow for proper mounting of Child LATCH seating Top Tether harness anchor on the back of the seat (See your vehicle owners manual for proper use of the child seat LATCH system). This new advanced cargo liner design uses plastic fasteners instead of velcro to attach the liner to the back of the rear seat. Eight plastic fasteners are included which provide a stronger mount than velcro.

  • Designed and Engineered by Chevrolet
  • Genuine Chevrolet Accessories provide Factory Fit, Finish and Function
  • Black All-Weather Cargo Liner with Chevrolet Script logo
  • Helps protect the cargo area floor and rear seat backs from spills, leaks or stains
  • Single continuous liner
  • Articulates with the 60/40 split-folding rear row seat
  • Retains access to Child Seat LATCH anchors
  • Secures to back of rear seats with Plastic fasteners
  • Factory option CAV, Integrated Cargo Liner in Jet Black with Chevrolet Script
  • REQUIRES 2024+ model
  • EXCLUDES 2022 and prior year models

Trax | Cargo Area Floor Liner | Black | Integrated | All-Weather | Chevrolet Logo

  • Part Number: 42854159
  • Brand: Genuine GM
  • UPC: 00195491763548

$125.00 $95.00

Price Valid Till: 07-31-2024